What is a fibreglass ladder?

A fibreglass ladder is simply a ladder made of fibreglass. Fibreglass is a glass-reinforced plastic produced with a polymer made of a plastic matrix strengthened by fine fibres of glass. While many fibreglass ladders are constructed using solely fibreglass, many are also constructed using fibreglass stiles but with high quality aluminium rungs to make them strong, lightweight and extremely durable.

What are the advantages of fibreglass ladders?

  • Fibreglass ladders in general are stronger.
  • Fibreglass ladders are weather resistant and do not absorb moisture.
  • Fiberglass do not conduct electricity.
  • Fibreglass ladders are flame resistant.
  • Fibreglass ladders are unlikely to bend.
  • Fibreglass ladders do not weaken in the heat.
  • The fiberglass sections that go into creating a fibreglass ladder are uniform and don’t vary in size, design or strength.

What types of fibreglass ladders can you get?

Fibreglass ladders come in a number of styles and sizes. You can get fibreglass ladders to use at home or at work including fibreglass steps, single section ladders, collapsible and extension ladders.

How do I know which fibreglass ladder is right for me?

Take a look at our product range by searching for glassfibre as this will help you to determine which fibreglass ladder will cater to all your ladder needs. Each one has a full description of it's features and will give you an idea of it's uses. For reference glassfibre is the actual industrial reference but is the same as fibreglass which is the term generally used.

Do I need to check it regularly?

Whilst fibreglass ladders are stronger and more durable than other types of ladders, they should still regularly be checked for safe use. The biggest safety risk from fibreglass ladders is if the fibreglass cracks, specifically next to the rungs on the outside of the siderail.

How do I check a fibreglass ladder?

Small cracks on fibreglass ladders are not easily detected by a quick visual inspection. Therefore, you need to run your fingertips across the fibreglass to check for any small cracks or splits.

  • Inspect the feet of the ladder and their support channels for any cracks.
  • Inspect the siderails for breakdown of fibreglass, especially at the corners.
  • Inspect around the rungs of the ladder.
  • Check for loose or missing rivets.