Ladder Training

Ladder and Access Equipment Safety Training Courses, as a division of the Clow Group, offer a comprehensive range of ladder and access equipment training courses through the Clow Group's UK Safety Training Company.

As one of the longest established ladder and access equipment trainers in the UK, the Clow Group have developed a dedicated range of safety led access equipment courses.

These courses are designed to equip staff with the necessary training and skills required to ensure the correct handling and maintenance of ladders and other access equipment.

Legislation affecting ladder and access equipment users includes the Working at Height Regulations 2005 (WAHR). The primary objectives of WAHR are to eliminate work at height wherever possible and where that is not possible to ensure that all work at height is performed safely and that equipment had been appropriately selected, whether it is from a ladder, a scaffold or a mobile access tower.

WAHR legislation therefore requires that employers and the self employed have in place arrangements for

1. Eliminating or minimising risks from working at height
2. Organisation and planning for working at height
3. The selection of suitable equipment to perform work at height

It is therefore the responsiblility of every employer to ensure that their staff are correctly trained and that work equipment is regularly inspected and correctly maintained.

The safety training courses provided by the UK Safety Training Company are designed specifically to address these requirements and to provide employees with the necessary skills, judgement and training to operate and maintain ladders and other access equipment safely and correctly.

Courses are available covering a number of different areas and types of access equipment. A brief summary of selected courses available from the UK Safety Training Company is provided below.

Ladder & Step Safety

The Ladder and Step Safety Course is designed specifically to recognise and eliminate the dangers of incorrect ladder usage. Topics covered on this course include an appreciation of the Working At Height Regulations 2005, current legislation relevant to the use of Ladders & Steps, relevant Ladder Certification and Standards, available types of Ladders and Steps and their care and maintenance together with risk assesment and user responsibilities.

Ladder Safety & Inspection

The Ladder Safety and Inspection Course is designed to equip operators of temporary access equipment with the knowledge and skills required to conduct full ladder inspections and to recognise and eliminate the dangers of incorrect ladder usage. Topics covered include current Ladder and Step Legislation, available Ladder Types and Specifications, the frequency, Standards & Methods of Ladder Inspection and Testing, the recognition of Ladder and Step Defects, together with risk assesment, user responsibilities and the care and maintenance of access equipment.

Scaffold Tower Assembly

The Scaffold Tower Assembly course is designed to cover Scaffold Tower usage, it's safety requirements and it's user responsibilities. Topics include Tower Uses, Safety Requirements and User Responsibilities, Basic Tower and Component Assembly, Identification of Risks and Potential Hazards, Safe Use of Tower Equipment, Tower Care and Maintenance along with Tower Inspection procedures and methods.

Additional courses are also available which cover more specialised areas and specific access equipment usage such as Glassfibre Ladder and Step Safety, the Safe Use and Inspection of Safety Harnesses, Tower Inspection and Maintenance and the Testing and Usage of Anchorage Points.

Dedicated Risk Assessment courses are also available which are designed to enable staff to competently assess a risk, to raise their awareness as to their legal responsibilities and to provide a brief in a process of assessing and recording a risk assessement.

For a quotation and additional course details please see the dedicated UK Safety Training Company website.