We sell ladder anti-slip stoppers, ladder protection, inspection tags and Waku accessories.

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  • £ 108.24 (Inc. VAT)

    Waku Ladder Wheels with Ground Spikes (pair) Just one of the accessories available for the Waku Multi Function Ladder is the Waku Ladder Wheels with Ground Spikes (pair) This can be used to provide additional support on softer ground and for easier maneuverability of the Waku ladder.For non-Waku ladders we also have our Clow Adjustable Ladder Leg....

    £ 108.24 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 17.29 (Inc. VAT)

    Self Adhesive Clow Inspection Tags provide a simple visual check of an item of equipment's last inspection date and next due inspection date. The high tack adhesive backing of these tags ensure they remain glued to the ladders, steps and towers. Pack of 10, supplied as individuals tags, dimensions 156mm x 50mm. Availability: In-Stock.

    £ 17.29 (Inc. VAT)
Showing 37 - 38 of 38 items