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Our multi-purpose step ladders provide an 'all in one' solution offering single section ladders, free standing 'A Frame', stand off ladders, trestle ladders, telescopic ladders and stair ladders. Perfect for trade and industrial use or DIY around the home.

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  • £ 178.37 (Inc. VAT)

    Three useful products in one ladder! An A-Frame Ladder, a Straight Section Ladder and a Stairway Ladder. Telescopic stiles this ladder can be extended to accomodate stairways or increase the height of both A-Frame and Straight Section configurations. Conforming with European Standard EN131 Professional, maximum load 150kg. Availability: In stock

    £ 178.37 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 258.71 (Inc. VAT)
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    EAN: 5011128772996 Use this ladder as a Free-Standing A-Frame Ladder, a Stand-Off Ladder, a Trestle Ladder, (supplied complete with powder coated steel platform) and a straight Single Section Ladder; the Clow Glassfibre Folding Multi-Function Ladder offers a myriad of uses. Supports a maximum load of 150kg. Availability: In stock

    £ 258.71 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 301.86 (Inc. VAT)

    The Clow Superglas™ Reach-A-Light fibreglass combination ladder conforms with the new European EN131: Professional standard and offers a maximum load 150kg.Designed for access where additional stabilising support is limited, the Clow Superglas Reach-A-Light Ladder is suitable for a wide range of outdoor and indoor uses. Availability: In stock

    £ 301.86 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 178.38 (Inc. VAT)

    Simple to use as a straight Single Section Ladder, a Free-Standing A-Frame Ladder, a Double Sided Ladder, a Stand-Off Ladder, a Trestle Ladder, (supplied complete with powder coated steel platform), this Folding Multi-Function Ladder offers many of uses. Provides a maximum load of 150kgConforms to EN131:ProfessionalAvailability: In-Stock.

    £ 178.38 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 558.43 (Inc. VAT)

    The All-In-One Wakü Telescopic Ladder is a versatile ladder system featuring telescopic side rails,heavy duty multiple disc hinges & high quality steel bolts. Premium multi-function ladder for use on stairs, an extension ladder, or as freestanding trestles Availability: In stock

    £ 558.43 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 184.03 (Inc. VAT)

    The Clow AE5WAY 5 Way Aluminium Platform Ladder Scaffold is an extremely versatile, lightweight multifunctional step ladder scaffolding product with 5 positions in 1 portable package. Provides a maximum load of 150kg. Availability: In stock

    £ 184.03 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 248.69 (Inc. VAT)

    With 5 different variations, the Clow Reach-A-Light ladder is the ultimate in versatility and is ideal for those difficult to reach jobs.Configurations include a Step / Extended Step Ladder, a Single* / Double* / Triple Section Ladder. Fully conforming with the new EN131 Professional Standard, max load 150kg. Availability: In-Stock

    £ 248.69 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 323.68 (Inc. VAT)
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    With four individually adjustable stiles, the stile extensions bars can be utilised to accommodate up to 4 different staircase levels (a maximum of three extension bars can be extended at any one time). Provides a maximum load of 150kg. Availability: Limited stock available AEASWL1 - Belfast only (only one left!) AEASWL2 - Belfast only (low stock)

    £ 323.68 (Inc. VAT)
Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items