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Trade, Industrial and EN131 Professional Platform Step Ladders available in Aluminium, Fibreglass and Timber. The number of treads specified also includes the platform as a tread. Suitable for trade, professional and DIY use.

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  • £ 295.09 (Inc. VAT)

    Manufactured in the UK at the Clow Group's Glassfibre Ladder Factory these all glassfibre Euroglas® steps, (stiles and treads), are fitted with a large GRP non-slip platform. These steps safely support a maximum load of 150kg. Availability: Manufactured to order, (currently 3-5 weeks).

    £ 295.09 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 107.14 (Inc. VAT)

    The Clow HEPS heavy duty trade platform step is an extremely popular product and offers strong, heavy duty welded connections.Availability: In-Stock, Mainland UK Only

    £ 107.14 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 81.56 (Inc. VAT)

    These extremely popular platform steps offer a robust heavy duty welded construction and feature a large platform and a handy tool tray. These steps are ideal for light trade and commercial use and safely support a maximum load of 150kg.Availability: In-Stock

    £ 81.56 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 90.92 (Inc. VAT)

    Robust, insulated and lightweight the Clow EN131 Professional Superglas® Fibreglass Platform Step is ideal for use within the electrical trade and industry. Support a maximum load of 150kg.Platform Heights: 2 - 0.48m (1'7"), 3 - 0.71m (2'4"), 4 - 0.94m (3'1"), 6 - 1.41m (4'8"), 8 - 1.88m (6'2"), 10 - 2.35m (7'9") Availability: 2, 3, 6 and 10 tread in stock

    £ 90.92 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 202.45 (Inc. VAT)

    The Clow 2 Tread EN131 Professional Superglas® AR Fibreglass Extra Wide Platform Step is a sturdy, durable "All Round" step ladder offering safe 360° access wiith supporting handrails & guardrail. Max load 150kg, platform height 0.57m (1'10")Availability: In-stock

    £ 202.45 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 291.85 (Inc. VAT)
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    The all new Clow EN131 Professional Aluminium "all round" extra wide platform step. Platform Heights: 3-0.846m (2'9"), 4-1.131m (3'8"), 5-1.391m (4'7"), 6-1.681m (5'6"), 7-1.961m (6'5"), 8-2.241m(7'4")Safely supports a max 150kg load Availability: 6, 7 & 8 treads in stock - UK mainland, no stock available - NI

    £ 291.85 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 358.74 (Inc. VAT)
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    The Clow EN131 Professional Superglas® AR Fibreglass Extra Wide Platform Step. Max load 150kg.Platform Heights - 3: 0.85m (2'10"), 4: 1.13m (3'8"), 5: 1.39m (4'8"), 6: 1.68m (5'6"), 7: 1.96m (6'6"), 8: 2.24m (7'4") Availability: 6, 7 & 8 tread in stock - UK Mainland, no stock available - NISee also 2 tread AESAR02

    £ 358.74 (Inc. VAT)
  • £ 721.96 (Inc. VAT)

    Industry leading Clow Adjustable Magic Platform offering multiple height adjustment, manoeuvrability, safe means of access. Extremely compact, this platform is highly manoeuvrable & easy to transport. Fully meets requirements of Working At Height Regulations 2005, max load 150kg. To order individual components please see AMP Spares. Availability: Made...

    £ 721.96 (Inc. VAT)
  • Manufactured to order from specially selected Douglas Fir at the Clow Glasgow Ladder Factory these Timber Platform Steps are industrial strength. Provides a maximum load of 175kg.Price on Application (contact us for further details)Availability: Manufactured to order, (currently 3-5 weeks).

  • The Clow NAPS Industrial Platform Step Ladder is designed to give years of service in arduous industrial conditions. Provides a maximum load of 175kg.Availability: End of line product. no longer available. For alternative options see AAR and AMP

  • These robust Mobile Warehouse Steps are available in a comprehensive range of sizes with platform heights ranging in size from 0.5m, (1'8”), to 3.25m, (10'7”). Available in various configurations including 6 colours, extended top platform, tread coating and back/side walkthrough. Please use the quote form below for your specific configuration...

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items