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Hop Up Platform

Ladders-Direct | Platforms |  Hop Up Platform

The Hop Up Decorating Platform

The Hop Up Decorating Platform

The Hop Up Platform is an ideal lightweight platform for decorating tasks - providing easy and straightforward access to a greater area improves the coverage and speed that can be achieved on painting and decorating tasks.

Easily manoevered, it's lightweight but strong construction provides a maximum safe working load of 115kg.

The platform provides a broad working surface (690mm x 298mm) and a platform height of 500mm, providing a safe, extended reach of approximately 2.25m or 7'2'' for the average person.

When not is use, the Hop Up Platform folds down to a compact unit 790mm long, 405mm wide and 160mm deep allowing simple and easy storage.

Hop Up Platform
Product Code: HOPUP
Platform Height: Approximately 500mm
Note: Platform Area approximately 690mm x 298mm
Price: 33.36 (40.03 Including VAT at 20%)


Ladders-Direct | Platforms |  Hop Up Platform

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